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Šķirotava Railway Station 
Come join “TheCelotājs” and Liepāja Tours visit to Šķirotava Railway Station located three or four kilometers from Riga and at the Village of Šķirotava.
Šķirotava Railway Station was one of the many sites of the June 1941 Soviet Unions mass deportation of Latvians to far regions of the Siberia. During the Nazi occupation Šķirotava Railway Station is where the Jews from Germany and Austria arrived before being taken to either Jungfernhof Concentration Camp or to Biķernieki Forest to be murdered.
This railway station was usually the terminal point for foreign Jews deported to Latvia. The first train with 942 Jews from Berlin arrived there on 30 November 1941. All of them were immediately sent to Rumbula Forest and murdered there. According to a German Security Service report 19,000 foreign Jews were brought to Latvia in early 1942. Trains began to arrive particularly often in the spring and summer of 1942, later on more seldom. Parts of those prisoners were sent to the Riga Ghetto, the young men were sent to Salaspils Concentration Camp, others to the Jungfernhof Concentration Camp. The Jewish barracks in Salaspils Concentration Camp and Jungfernhof Concentration Camp were liquidated in the summer of 1942. Only a few dozen Jews survived there. Still most of the trains were death trains “literally and figuratively” the deported Jews either died of cold in locked carriages on the way or were driven directly to the mass graves. Most frequently they were murdered in Biķernieki Forest, sometimes in Dreilini Forest. In many cases trains passed Šķirotava Railway Station and went further to the east. Going to either, Krustpils, Litene, Pitalova. In the environs of these stations mass graves of foreign Jews were found were also found. About 2,000 old and weak Jews, who could not move, were murdered on the territory of Šķirotava Railway Station. They were buried in three large mass graves. Later the German occupants built a new railway track above this place. 
Then again in March 1949 it was again used by the Soviet Unions mass deportation of Latvians to far regions of the Siberia. 
Located just across the railway tracks and west of the Šķirotava Railway Station is a memorial dedicated to those who were deported in 1941 and 1949 from this railway station to far regions of the Siberia. Located off to the side of the memorial are three signs in Russian, Latvian and English that describe what took place during this period of time.
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