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 Touring Riga Latvia Is A Journey Though Time
Riga Pumpkin Fair on Doma Square 
Come join “TheCelotājs” and Liepāja Tours take a stroll through the Riga Pumpkin Fair on Doma Square and the numerous different vendors selling their wares. You can find foods of all kinds, bakery products, bread, rolls, cheeses, cookies, candy, fish, wooden products of different types, handcrafted jewelry of all kinds, furs of different styles, pottery of different types, fruits and vegetables, clothing of different types and hand knitted products, honey in jars, candles of different styles and scents, wicker ware and more. You will even find a huge vegetable monument or what ever one may want to call it. And even a great pumpkin dressed in its fineness. We even came across father monk dressed in his finest robe. As we move to the stage area you can watch young Latvian youths performing old folklore dances commutating the festival and its season.
Riga Pumpkin Fair on Doma Square – YouTube 
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