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Saeima Parliament Building Interior 
                            Red Room                                                                 Yellow Room                                                               Voting Room                                                           Plenary Chamber                
Come join “TheCelotājs” and Liepāja Tours visit to the interior of the Saeima Parliament building located at Torņa iela and Jēkaba iela.
As we enter the Saeima building from Jēkaba iela you will be meet by the building security that will check to see that you are on a list of people who has a reason to be there. Once they have checked your passport to make sure you are who you say you are, you are then taken though a security screening. Once security is satisfied you will then be met by a staff member of the Protocol Division who will that you on a guided tour of the Red Room, the Yellow Room, the Voting Room and the Plenary Chamber, where members of parliament convene for plenary sittings.
The Saeima Parliament Building Interior – YouTube
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